About Rossi River

My love for animals was sparked at an early age. I grew up volunteering at animal rescues and could never turn away injured wildlife. My grandfather devoted himself to weimaraners, a large hunting breed developed in Germany. However I didn’t feel the weimaraner was right for me. As a teenager I fell in love with terriers and focused on Staffordshires and American Pitbull Terriers for many years. After tragedy struck one of my favorite studs I lost interest in dogs or breeding for quite some time. I dabbled with other breeds for companionship but none of them ever reignited that passion. Then I discovered the bull terrier, which unfortunately required more space than I had available at the time. And so began my journey with the miniature bull terrier…

My educational and career paths incorporate the love I share with animals. I hold a degree in Biology and Biology Education. Currently I am finishing up my second degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, specializing in large mammal ecology and conservation biology. In the short-term future I will progress to my third and final degree in Natural Resources with emphasis in fish and wildlife conservation.

Aside from 3 wonderful children, horses hold a special place in my heart. I own 2 beautiful Rocky Mountain mares. I am also a lifetime member of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association.

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