All-around Sporting Dogs

Miniature bull terriers evolved from a long line of sporting dogs. Today they consistently impress judges on the show circuit with fiery personalities and determination. Though small in stature, they are capable of competing in agility, obedience, and rally events. Their disposition makes them well-suited as service or therapy dogs.

Dogs of Steel

Miniature bull terriers are unaware of their small size. As a bully breed they make excellent watch dogs and will guard their family should the need arise. They are charismatic, loyal, and willing. Even as puppies their fearless nature often leads to mischief because they rarely ignore anything they find mysterious or interesting.

Loyal Companions

Miniature bull terriers are family-oriented and become very attached to their owners. They thrive in households with active lifestyles where they receive plenty of attention and meaningful interactions. These dogs tend to be destructive when owners cannot provide adequate stimulation and end up in rescues or juggled through temporary homes. Owners are problem free, but this doesn't address the real issue and results in a very sad dog.

Lifelong Partners

Miniature bull terriers are generally a wholesome breed and require a long term commitment. On average they can live 10-12 years when adequate care has been provided. Although susceptible to a small number of hereditary conditions, selecting a reputable breeder minimizes the possibility of acquiring an unhealthy companion.



Welcome to Rossi River Minibulls

We are owners and producers of quality AKC miniature bull terrier adults and puppies. Rossi River is situated beside a national forest, nestled between the Atlantic coast and Appalachian Mountains in the heart of North Carolina. Our miniature bull terriers have 16 beautiful acres to call home. All pictures and images used on the website were photographed on our property.

Miniature bull terriers are considered a rare breed. As such, they are expensive and incredibly difficult to obtain. The demand for miniature bull terrier puppies is much higher than the supply. Many individuals must wait months for an opportunity to own one. In fact, most litters are reserved before they are even birthed. Breeders are selective about puppy placement and a contract is usually required. Puppies require costly health screenings within the first two years of life, so the total investment significantly increases even after the initial purchase. Miniature bull terrier puppies are extremely active and sometimes hard to train. While their unique appearance makes them a favored breed, their needs and personality make them a poor choice for some families. We strongly recommend researching the breed before deciding to purchase a puppy.

We have been fortunate to acquire outstanding dogs from around the world, produced by international multi-champions and grand champions. Their bloodlines stem heavily from German, Spanish, Australian, Swedish, Polish, and European pedigrees. Each one brings unique qualities to our breeding program. The miniature bull terrier gene pool is very limited. This could easily lead to a founder effect (or significant loss in genetic variation due to a small interbreeding population). We import miniature bull terriers from other countries for this reason. Introducing new lineages is the best method of enhancing the gene pool within the United States and neighboring countries.

Rossi River dogs undergo extensive health screenings. All of our minibulls are tested for primary lens luxation regardless of clear-by-parentage status, and none are afflicted by the PLL gene. We utilize PLL-cleared dogs for breeding and only yield PLL clear puppies. Adults undergo auscultations and echocardiograms to ensure the heart is free of murmurs and other defects. BAER hearing tests are performed to check for congenital deafness. We have protein-creatinine levels examined biennially to monitor for late-onset kidney problems. And lastly, our veterinarian routinely examines patellas for signs of luxation. Only dogs with normal results in all these areas are used for breeding. This is the safest and most effective way to prevent genetic defects from being passed to puppies.

Our priorities are to enhance genetic diversity and reduce health issues prevalent in minibulls while still maintaining breed standards. Our goal is to produce sound companions that meet the breed standard designated by the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, outer appearances should not be the sole focus. Producing quality dogs is a multi-dimensional process. Our philosophy places emphasis on health, size, and temperament. We strive to provide healthy dogs for the future success and wellness of the breed. As caretakers, it's our responsibility to love and respect what the miniature bull terrier once was, what it is, and what it will become.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An improvement in one person’s eyes may be considered a fault to someone else. In general, “improvements” are modifications made to the physical characteristics of a purebred dog as societal trends change. As trends shift so do ideas about how an ideal specimen should look or act. An example of this is the convex, egg-shaped head in bull terriers. A century ago bull terriers did not exhibit this feature. Today it is the most characteristic trait of the breed. But there are trade-offs to modern improvements. The convex shape sometimes results in an improper bite because selectively breeding for the exaggerated head causes deformation of the upper mandible. Faults typically occur when breeders focus on specific traits rather than the production of wholesome puppies. A common goal, for all breeders, should be to breed for the standards set forth by the AKC.

Please take time to review our website for more insight into the miniature bull terrier. Puppies, when available, are posted on our puppy page. The health page contains important information about genetic issues associated with the breed. We also include a brief summary of coat color combinations in dogs and litters.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We kindly respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. If we do not, then we didn’t receive your message.

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